Active Homes

Strength-Training Guide For People with Paraplegia

Active Homes

Active Homes is an SCI Action Canada initiative that began as a research study. The purpose of the study was to determine the success of a home‐based introductory strength‐training visit aimed to increase thoughts and feelings about strength‐training activity, and strength‐training behaviour itself, among people with SCI (Latimer, A.E., et al, 2010)

More information on this study (pdf)

During this study a manual was used as a way of encouraging, and supporting, continued at-home strength training for adults with SCI. The manual has since been refined and is now entitled: Active Homes, Strength-Training Guide For People with Paraplegia.

This guide is now designed as a resource manual for individuals with a paraplegic spinal cord injury who want to try to meet the strength training recommendations as outlined in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults with SCI.


Active Homes Home Strength Training Guide for Tetraplegics

We have also developed a similar manual for adults with tetraplegia.

These manuals are also appropriate for health care professionals who work with, family members who live with, or friends who play with, people with a SCI.

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